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Fleetwood Mac shows no signs of slowing down

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On June 10, Fleetwood Mac will perform at Pinkpop, the biggest and best-known festival in the Netherlands. It is Pinkpop’s 50th anniversary, so they’re bringing out the big guns. Fleetwood Mac will be the closing act on the last day of the festival. Different dynamics I’ve seen them live in concert several times and remember


Patti Smith, don’t we just love her?

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She’s so cool. Patti Smith, the Godmother of Punk. This woman is incredibly diverse and talented! Coming from a strict, religious background, she struggled with poverty and had relationships with interesting men such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Sam Shepard. She worked many jobs and met interesting, influential people. She’s a writer, a songwriter, a singer,



kiss, barry schultz, hollywood, starchild, demon, spaceman, space ace, catman, 1976

This is the way I remember it… One day, when I was working in Los Angeles, I was asked to shoot a group. They promised a big surprise. I was told to be at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd the next day. Very mysterious! A couple of other photographers were waiting there too, when



bryan ferry, barry schultz, roxy music, mcdonald, croon, 80s, amsterdam, netherlands, holland

                                                        On November 30th, 2018, Bryan Ferry will be releasing a new solo album. We all know him well from Roxy Music. I remember going to see Bryan


Level 42: testing the bass

level 42, barry schultz, 80s, toppop, top, pop, hilversum, holland, netherlands, television

Back in 1981, I was looking for speakers at the RAF in Hilversum. I worked in Hilversum a lot, since the Dutch studios were mostly there back then, and the tv program TopPop was taped there. So I walk into this beautiful store, with stereo equipment everywhere, and different departments for different music, and a


Joe Jackson – right back where it started

joe jackson, barry schultz, amsterdam, canals, holland, streets, tree, blackboard, school, suit, live, paradiso, 1977. netherlands

                                                                                    Joe Jackson, what a nice guy. And he’s still rocking! Back in 1979,


Tom Waits: Too Cool to Tour

In 1975 Dutch journalist Constant Meijers slept on my couch in LA for six weeks. He used me as his photographer for his magazine OOR. We did interviews, sound-checks, concerts, parties, and more in those intense six weeks. The Dutch had a knack for finding great American acts before they made it big on their


Floatin’ Around with Fleetwood Mac

feetwood mac, stevie nicks, barry schultz, holland, netherlands, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, live, rock and roll, posed, boat, rotterdam

In April 1977 on a sunny spring day, some music journalists and myself were invited to join Fleetwood Mac on a boat touring the harbor in Rotterdam. The press tour was to promote their latest album, Rumors. Warner Brothers and the band expected it to do better than their previous release, Fleetwood Mac. Little did


The Police: Serious Business

every breath you take, walking on the moon, roxanne, every little thing she does is magic, stewart copeland, henry padovani, andy summers, sting, live, posed, netherlands, france, barry schultz

                                                      A couple of years after I had moved to Holland, I heard through the grapevine that The Police were going to be in Amsterdam for a performance on Rock Planet. I’d heard great


In A Cloud of Smoke: My Pink Floyd Story

pink floyd, barry schultz, the dark side of the moon, wish you were here, animals, the wall, live, drums, guitar

While sifting through my slides and negatives to scan for my website, I stumbled upon my negatives of a Pink Floyd concert taken some forty years ago. I was amazed to see them and rather happy with some of the pictures. I don’t recall much of the concert, except for the colossal cloud of smoke expelled from

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