February 1, 2020
cher, elton john, donna summers, barry schultz

When I was working at the camera shop in L.A., I regularly took on assignments for photoshoots on my lunch break or after work. One day, I was asked to shoot Chaz Bono’s 3rd birthday party.

I went to this huge house – well, a mansion – in Bell Air. There was a pony-driven cart that took people from the front of the house to the party in the back. There were clowns, and horses, and a whole lot of fancy people.

Honestly, I focussed more on Cher than on the kid. She was so insanely beautiful (and I wasn’t married yet). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the nerve to talk to her at all that day, but I spoke to Sonny. He showed me a lot of beautiful pictures he had taken of Cher himself. Hubba hubba! I had to turn in all the pictures I took that day of the party, and I don’t really remember how many I actually took of the kids.

It happens to the best of us

cher, elton john, donna summers, barry schultz
Cher at the Rock Awards at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1975. Photo: Barry Schultz

In ’75, I saw here at the Rock Awards in Santa Monica, but only on stage.
Years later, Cher came to Amsterdam with Gregg Allman, who she was married to at the time. I went to visit them in their hotel room at the Pulitzer Hotel. Cher, of course, looked super hot again and I took some beautiful pictures of her. But wouldn’t you know it, I feel so stupid, the film wasn’t loaded properly so I didn’t get any shots.

The next day I ran into them again, explained what happened and asked if we could do the shoot again and she said “Oh, no! We’re leaving right now!”

I got a few quick shots on the spot but that was it. Grrrr, I’ll never forgive myself!


CHER and GREGG ALLMAN (married from 1975-1979)
backstage before his show in Holland 1977
Photo: Barry Schultz