June 18, 2013

Constant Meijers


Music journalist Constant Meijers is responsible for my first photo being published in dutch

pop magazine Muziekkrant OOR in 1973.


He was sitting at the bar in Amsterdam when I showed a contact-sheet of photos I made,

while on tour with the Rolling Stones, to my future wife.

He invited me to his office so that he could use a photo to say that the Stones were

on their way to Holland.

I made a print from what looked great from the negative. I didn’t like the print and threw it away

and showed him another one I had printed.

He didn’t like my print and asked to look at the negatives and, of course, chose the one that I threw

in the garbage.

I said, ‘ I’ll be right back!”




In 1975 Constant spent 6 weeks sleeping on our living-room couch in LA while we went out and

interviewed and photographed many

great music artists whom many I never heard of,  like Tom Waits.


I am very grateful to him for opening my eyes and ears to some great music.

Here we are with Don Henley and Glenn Frey of The Eagles:


The Eagles by Barry Schultz