Elvis Costello CD Cover



I was driving around in Hilversum, Holland (The Netherlands) one day in 1977 and heard Elvis Costello performing live on the local radio.

When they mentioned where this live program was taking place, I drove over to the studio, which was actually a barn with a small audience.

I waited outside for him to exit the building to a waiting car.


Between the stage door and the car, Mr. Costello was kind enough to pose for some photos for a few minutes.

I got these great shots back in 1977 which have graced the pages of many magazines and

CDs and an upcoming book cover. He will give a concert here in Amsterdam on October 22, 2014.


He’s still rocking!

This recent cd is titled Live in Germany 1978


Elvis Costello CD Artwork Elian
Elvis Costello CD
Artwork Elian