Al Jarreau



I first saw Al Jarreau singing in a little club around the corner from my house called The Bla Bla Cafe’
In 1970-1971 I went with a bunch of friends to see Al do amazing things with his vocal cords.


The place was packed as Al sang accompanied by his electric piano player or guitarist and after each show, the hat was passed around.
We often said to each other how we would like to become professionals. Al didn’t have a record contract yet.
Some years later when Dutch OOR magazine asked me to interview him it was very exciting to see him at the offices of Warner Bros with his manager and PR people.
When he saw that it was me coming to interview him for a European publication, he jumped up laughing and we danced around the office while everyone looked at us in amazement.


I am so happy that Al went on to become the major international star that he is.
And best of all, he still remains the same sweet guy he was back at the Bla Bla Cafe in 1970-71
Al is still touring and will be playing to a sold-out Paradiso in Amsterdam Saturday night November 26, 2016
This live picture of Al was made at the Bla Bla Cafe and is my very first concert photo that I ever made.