August 2, 2019
Prints by MASA Print

Whenever a print of my work is to be made, for example, for an order, I go to my trusted printer Marcel. I have been working with him for many years, and besides being a genuinely nice guy and a hard worker, he has the best printers around.
Marcel of MASA print just got a brand-new Epson SureColor P20000. It is a 64-inch printer with a PrecisionCore MicroTFP print head. It also has the ten newest UltraChome Pro inks.

Black and white

Many of my pictures have been shot in black and white. When I print them at Marcel’s, the print is genuinely black and white. Apparently, you’d be surprised at how many printers print in color scale and then in a certain light the picture gets a purple tint.
The printer Marcel uses has 2 black inks and 3 gray tones. It makes all the difference! But the many different color inks also make for a beautiful and true color print.
Marcel told me that Epson claims that the prints stay colorfast for up to 400 years! Too bad there’s no way to check if that’s true.
Prints by MASA Print


The paper that is used for my prints is also very high-quality. It is gallery-quality paper, especially for fine-art prints.
The black&white prints are made on Hahnemuhle White Velvet, 270 grams, 25% cotton, 75% Cellulose, white or on Hahnemuhle Cotton matt Textured, 300 grams, 100% cotton, white.
The full-color prints are done on Ilford Smooth pearl.

The best printer in the world

According to Marcel, the Epson SureColor P20000 is the best printer in existence at the moment, the best in the world. Photographers don’t want their prints made on anything else. So, I guess I’ll stick with Marcel for many more years to come.