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Marianne Faithfull
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Classic rock music photography from the 1970s, for media buyers and fine-art print collectors. Iconic images are available for books, documentaries, presentations, and high-quality prints.

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From touring with the Stones, to an iconic Bowie image that was almost never made. Hanging out with Alice Cooper and the Eagles, to driving Debbie Harry to the pharmacy. I’ve done it all and it was amazing. I’ve captured my many stories in intimate, spectacular, or beautiful shots. Posed, at home, or live in concert or at a press conference, my pictures were made one-on-one or in a crowd of photographers. I always managed to capture a special moment.


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April 15, 2020
It’s incredible. After 40 years, I still find new stuff. I was recently going through my negatives again, as I regularly do. I often have to dig up an
March 15, 2020
The same director that made the History of the Eagles documentary, had decided to use my pictures of the Eagles in her newest documentary as well! 50 years later,
February 1, 2020
When I was working at the camera shop in L.A., I regularly took on assignments for photoshoots on my lunch break or after work. One day, I was asked
January 5, 2020
When I first heard Rod Stewart’s voice on the radio, I wasn’t a fan. But later, when I went to his concert, I was won over. It was one
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In the ’70s, I lived first in L.A., where I started my career as a photographer, and ended up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a wife and two kids. Throughout the decade, I photographed many interesting people. People who were already famous, and those who would soon be.


I loved taking pictures of people, finding the human behind the craziness of a press conference or concert. Having intimate conversations at someone’s home, they almost forgot I was holding a camera. I will always keep taking many, many pictures – now on my phone – sometimes to the chagrin of those who say, “Put the camera away!”. But looking back, they always love the memories.

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