June 7, 2018

Privacy Statement


This is the privacy statement of BarrySchultzPhotography, in accordance with the GDPR.

I collect details, personal and business details, solely for the purpose of communicating with (potential) customers, for sending prints, and for billing. Only details that are needed for this purpose, such as company and contact name, address, bank account number, etc., are stored.

Customers provide their details personally and willingly. Details are mostly sent by and stored in emails.

Billing is done by Shore Connection, therefore, details for billing are shared with this third party. The bookkeeping is done by Sunshine Holding, and besides that only the bank and my accountant have access to customers’ details.

Billing details are not stored in any software programs. Prints of bills are made and kept for as long as legally needed.

Customers have the right to have their details:

– removed fully;
– adapted;
– shared;
– viewed.

In case of the above, please contact Barry Schultz at through the contact form on the contact page.

Any data leaks will be reported. As of yet, there has never been one.



All websites use cookies. My website does not use targeted advertising; therefore, I am not obliged to provide a cookie statement or pop-up. The only cookies my website collects, are from the host so that I can see how many people visit my site and which pages they view, so that I can improve my website. So open and click behavior is collected and viewed, but remains anonymous.