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The Wrath of Ringo. How I Got a Beatle Mad At Me, Twice!!

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In 1975, I was at The Roxy in Los Angeles seeing the Tubes. They had an unusual stage show and a lot of celebrities were in the crowd to see it. Amongst them were Ringo Starr and his drinking buddy Harry Nilsson. After the show, the crowd shuffled through the exit while the VIPs were whisked


Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road

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                                                        Elton John is starting his 300 date farewell tour in September. However, farewell tours have always had a dubious quality to them. Or as Neil Young puts


My Paradiso Memory; That Time I Met Blondie

March 29th marks the 50th anniversary of a staple in the Amsterdam music scene. After 50 years and over 26,000 events, the Paradiso in Amsterdam has a storied history and countless classic rock photography tales to tell. This is one of mine. It was January of 1978. A Dutch record company had reserved a space at


Morrison Gallery Bowie Exhibit Extended Through Next Week

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The fascination with David Bowie seems unending as the Morrison Gallery has decided to extend its exhibition of the artist’s portraits and trappings. The exhibit, simply titled Bowie, is a decades-long compilation of the renowned artist’s many phases and faces. Variety recently wrote an article about the extension and used my photo as their opener for the announcement.



This picture of David Bowie that I shot in 1974 has now become an icon and an internet meme. Many people around the globe have seen it in magazines, newspapers, books, on television, and on their computer. But it almost never got made… After I moved from L.A. to Holland, my very first shoot of



AL JARREAU I first saw Al Jarreau singing in a little club around the corner from my house called The Bla Bla Cafe’ In 1970-1971 I went with a bunch of friends to see Al do amazing things with his vocal cords. The place was packed as Al sang accompanied by his electric piano player


My David Bowie T-Shirt worn by Noel Gallagher’s Son

My David Bowie T-Shirt worn by Noel Gallagher’s son, as he, his sister and mom attend “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” UK Premiere in London November 15, 2016. (For more on the Bowie T-shirt, See Post of August 30, 2013)



ABBA TO REUNITE When I moved to Holland and started photographing pop groups, I would call the Avro Toppop studios every week to ask who was coming to the show. The first time they told me Abba was coming into the studio, I thought that I would pass as I was not a fan. But


Glenn Frey of The Eagles R.I.P.

GLENN FREY OF THE EAGLES  R.I.P. I was fortunate to meet Glenn on several occasions – He came to my home 40 years ago before a show. I took photos of him at his home and in a truck tuning guitars before a concert. I have always loved the music of The Eagles and play them


David Bowie R.I.P.

Like so many others today, I was quite shocked to hear the news of

DAVID BOWIE’s passing away.

I had the good fortune of being able to photograph David Bowie on

different occasions.

I took photos of him while he posed for my camera exclusively in a hotel room;

I photographed him in concert; saw him do a video playback to his hit single

Rebel Rebel in 1974 in the TopPop television studios; at a press conference

and thesigning of a mega-major record contract.

When I met him I was impressed by his friendly nature even at the time of his

being a major rock star in the ’70s.

DAVID BOWIE by Barry Schultz



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